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Lens mounting stage for blocked lenses
Attachment for extremely curved lenses
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Lens mounting stage for blocked lenses

We recommend the use of this stage if you prefer working with blocked lenses. Please choose the inserts that fit your blocks and press them into the holes in the bridges.

AP Adapter

The procedure now depends on how you measure the coordinates and how you block the lenses. One way is to draw the 180° line (datum line) onto the demo lens and to use this line as the 0.00 line for the Y-axis. Clamp the demo lens on the stage by aligning the 0.00 line to the middle line on the 0.00 line of the graph paper. Move the drill along this line to the rim of the lens and reset both digits to 0.00. This is the starting point for all measurements and drillings.

When blocking the prescription lenses on the 180° line, you can easily find the corresponding line on the new stage graph paper.

The rest of the procedure is basically the same as that of the standard lens mounting stage. Of course, you can also block the demo lens and take the coordinates with this stage.

There are 3 ways to find the 0.00 line of the Y-axis.

  1. As previously described by aligning the lens according to the grid.
  2. By aligning the drill bit with the center holes on top of the bridge-ring edge.
  3. With the Y-zero gauge which you will find in your accessory box.

To secure the lenses you can tighten the grip by turning the bottom lens holders up or down.

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