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Drill features (front view)
Drill features (rear view)
Basic equipment (European)

Working with LessStress
General hints
Measuring the demo lens:
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Change to prescription lenses

Other features
Notching and slotting
Changes in shape and size
Changing the pantoscopic tilt
Prescription lenses with different thicknesses
Various speeds
Working with blocked lenses


LessStress Premium


Move the table by using the X-Y dials to the coordinates you have written down and drill the nasal holes of the first lens.

After drilling the first lens, turn back the Y-axis to 0.00 by using the Y dial, swivel the drill head to the same angle on the other side and move the mounting stage again until the drill is at the very edge of the rim of the other lens. Now reset the X-axis to 0.00 with the reset button.

You now have the same drill position for the second lens. Drill at the same pre-recorded coordinates. Now the nasal holes for right and left lens are drilled in a mirror-like fashion from the demo lens.

Now change back to the mounting stage with the demo lens, adjust the drilling angle as shown before, take your coordinates of the temporal holes (or notches) and change back to the mounting stage with your prescription lenses.

Please always make sure: In between measuring and drilling the Y-axis may only be set to 0.00 with the Y Dial.

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