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Drill features (front view)
Drill features (rear view)
Basic equipment (European)

Working with LessStress
General hints
Measuring the demo lens:
   Step 1
   Step 2
   Step 3
Change to prescription lenses

Other features
Notching and slotting
Changes in shape and size
Changing the pantoscopic tilt
Prescription lenses with different thicknesses
Various speeds
Working with blocked lenses


LessStress Premium

Working with blocked lenses

There are two ways to work with blocked lenses:

  1. With the standard lens mounting stage. The blocked lenses are fastened onto the mounting stage by using the lens clamps with the hole. A rod is used for aligning the lenses horizontally.
  2. With the new lens mounting stage for blocked lenses (optional accessory in some countries). Here the blocked lenses are fastened with the according adapters into the lens mounting stage. A detailed manual can be found at: Downloads Accessories - lens mounting stage for blocked lenses.
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